Terms of Service

As per each and every website with registration, the terms and conditions serve as the binding contract for each registrant. It does not matter whether you become an active depositor or remain an inactive one, everyone must comply and agree to the terms and conditions written on this very page for smooth operation and membership experience.

  1. Registration Agreement
    1. Following the registration procedure requires strict compliance of the entry of the information collected from each registering user. A working and valid e-mail address must be used because this will be our main form of communication with you. All registered users agree that they may receive updates and notification e-mail from our servers as part of the user experience. If you do not wish to receive e-mails from us, please do not register.

      Each and every username must be at least 6 characters long, refrain from using special characters including spaces when entering a username as this might cause difficulty in logging in later.

      When it comes to choosing the correct password for your account with us, please make use of at least 1 upper case letter, a few lower case letters, numbers or special characters. This should not limit the usage of upper case letters, as this is only a suggestion and you can use a combination of each at your own discretion.

      After registration, you can immediately login to your account and make use of all the services we provide. It is highly suggested to enter your payment information on the registration page without the necessity to fill all of the fields in front of you. You may enter the information of the fields that you will see only as part of your account usage and payment form usage.
  2. Monetary Transaction Instruments
    1. Making a deposit transaction on our website and making a withdrawal can be done through the following acceptable payment types:
      1. Bitcoin
      2. Ethereum
      3. Litecoin
      4. PerfectMoney
      5. Payeer
      6. Dash
      7. Doge
      8. BitcoinCash
    2. When you use multiple payment forms to fund multiple investment deposits on our website, you should fill in your payment information for those payment types you used. This is simply because, your returns or profits from your investments will be credited in the same deposit payment type used, so it is expected from you to use the same method for withdrawal transactions.
    3. We have a very low withdrawal limit per payment type. We have grouped each payment into two kinds. First kind is cryptocurrency type which are BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, DASH and DOGE, where the minimum withdrawal is $3.50 and for the fiat based processors which are Payeer and Perfectmoney, the withdrawal limit amount as minimum is $0.25.
    4. IMPORTANT MUST READ: Make sure that your remaining hours of earnings will total to at least the minimum withdrawal amount so you can withdraw your earnings when your deposit expires or ends. If your plan ends and your balance fails to meet the minimum withdrawal amount, you will need to make a new deposit and earn to raise your balance for withdrawal. This is very important because some might keep withdrawing, forgetting that the hours left of earnings may not total to the minimum withdrawal amount. You've been warned.
  3. Violations and Possible Penalties
    1. We classify each violation into the following kinds and penalties will vary depending on severity of violations committed by the guilty party.
      1. Multiple Accounts
      2. Spamming
      3. Misrepresentation
      4. Complaint without basis
      5. Impatience
    2. Multiple Accounts - This violation will greatly vary on the kind of usage of each account. If there are 2 accounts but they do not pose an abuse risk in terms of our affiliate program, then this violation will not even get you a slap on the wrist.
    3. Spamming - This violation does not greatly affected the performance of our website and out company, however, this may cause a bad impression towards our company by entities or parties who do not have the entire history or information about our company and our track record.
    4. Mirepresentation - Should any registered user try to impersonate or imply direct connection with our company with the intent to take or receive financial transactions through them for us, without remitting such funds to us, will result in the termination of the accounts involved and forfeiture of all related and connected funds to the accounts.
    5. Complaints without basis - Simple matters that need resolving by contacting our support team which end up being posted publicly via unreasonable cause, will cause the suspension of the accounts involved until communication is completed between the company and the involved party.
    6. Impatience - Withdrawals are instantly processed on our website. There may sometimes be problems with the instant payment API that we use and some website outages of the providers we use, so sometimes patience may be required. There will surely be some users who may find complaining publicly, again without reasonable causes will get accounts suspended until mitigation procedure is complete between the party involved and our company.
  4. Our Affiliate Program
    1. We value our affiliates as much as our staff within our company and just like everyone else registered with us. Our affiliates are rewarded based on the amount of each active investors individual transaction or the commission is based on a per transaction basis.
    2. The commission chart we use as shown on our home page is like this. When your referred downlines make deposit transactions in the amount of $8 up to $507, the commission you should get is 3.88%. For individual transactions by your downlines with the amounts of $508 up to $2,507, you should get 5.88% commissions, and for transactions from $2,508 up to $88,888 the commission you will be getting is 8.88%.
    3. We do not require affiliates to have any active investment with us for qualification approval for our affiliate program. You can simply register and start referring.
  5. Investment Plans Information
    1. We have 3 investment plans available for your choosing.
      1. 1.23% Hourly for 88 hours
        1. This plan pays you 1.23% of your deposit hourly for 88 hours. This is for a total duration of 3 days and 16 hours. The minimum for this plan is $8.00 and maximum of $888.00.
        2. You will received returns hourly and you can withdraw anytime and be paid instantly, provided that the amount for the minimum withdrawal amount is met.
      2. 0.68% Hourly for 188 hours
        1. This plan pays you 0.68% hourly to your account for 188 hours. This will run for a total duration of 7 days and 20 hours. The minimum deposit for this plan is $88.00 up to $8,888.00.
        2. All of our plans pay hourly and you can request withdrawal as long as you have the minimum amount we accept for withdrawals for the payment type you used and get paid instantly.
      3. 0.58% Hourly for 288 hours
        1. This plan will return 0.58% hourly of the deposit you make to this plan for a total of 288 hours. This will run a duration of 12 exact days. The minimum deposit for this plan is $188.00 and maximum is $88,888.00.
        2. Payments are instantly processed when you request just like all of our plans.
  6. Privacy Policy
    1. We honor and value our users privacy. We can guarantee that such information collected by our company will never be shared to anyone. Our database is secure from hackers and therefore your information is safe with us/
    2. If you need an answer to your questions, please contact us.
  7. *** Updated on August 6, 2020

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