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20% After 16 Hours

  •  Min: $50
  •  Max: $200
  •  Status: Paying
  •  Instant Payments

40% After 20 Hours

  •  Min: $200
  •  Max: $500
  •  Status: Paying
  •  Instant Payments

60% After 24 Hours

  •  Min: $500
  •  Max: $2000
  •  Status: Paying
  •  Instant Payments

80% After 30 Hours

  •  Min: $2000
  •  Max: $5000
  •  Status: Paying
  •  Instant Payments

100% After 48 Hours

  •  Min: $5000
  •  Max: $10000
  •  Status: Paying
  •  Instant Payments

150% After 72 Hours

  •  Min: $10000
  •  Max: $Unlimited
  •  Status: Paying
  •  Instant Payments

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We are known to excel in the field of cryptocurrency trading.

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Our website and server is protected by Cloudflare DDOS Protection with custom configurated firewall settings.

Trustworthy Traders

The most important factor when it comes to handling your funds is trust and this is our most valuable asset, we are trusted.


With our wide range of services, everyone from all levels of investment approach can enter and start investing with us from as little as $8.00.

Diverse Payments

We accept an array of cryptocurrencies, like BTC, ETH, Dash, BCH, Doge and LTC, and fiat based processor wallets such as Perfect Money and Payeer.

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Not an investor but good in marketing? Participate in our affiliate program and reward yourself handsomely through the commissions we pay.

Promote and earn, it's such an easy task for such good rewards.

Refer active investors to our company and start collecting commissions. Commission is based on the amount of deposit or investment made by your downlines or referrals.

$8 up to $507 get 3.88%

$508 up to $2,507 get 5.88%

$2,508 and up, get 8.88%

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GLOBALINVEST is a company which is obviously per its name a bitcoin trading company. Bitcoin trading is a complicated process if you are a careful trader and someone who does not want to put too much risk in their investments.

There are many who trade by themselves and end up losing more than what they gain on certain days. Losing in trading makes traders more aggressive and sometimes end up losing even more.

This is where our company comes in. With the vast "knowlege" and not just experience in the field of trading, be it in stocks or in cryptocurrencies, our trusted traders are very patient people who persevere to find the proper and correct entry value for every trade that we start.

A good margin is considered for every trade that we complete. Over the course of each and every day, multiple trades are completed, and our tally over the years have proven that our winning streak is far greater than our losing trades for each and everyday, which means that we are gaining value for all our trades generally overall at the end of each day. This opportunity is now available to you, take advantage and participate now.

our statistics
  • 1300 Running days
  • 3808 Total Members
  • $ 5997829.11 Total Deposits
  • $ 1004759754.02 Total Withdrawals



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