Frequently Asked Questions

How to invest in GLOBALINVEST?

To begin participating with GLOBALINVEST, you need to create an account on our website. Click here to register. Login and then select the hourly plan that best suits your goals. Remember you can always make additional deposits to any plan.

What payment processor do you accept and what is the minimum deposit?

GLOBALINVEST accepts a wide range of payments. We mainly accept cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, BitcoinCash, Dash and Doge. We also accept Perfectmoney and Payeer. The minimum deposit is $8.00 and the maximum is $88,000.00 per transaction.

How much is the minimum amount I can withdraw?

For withdrawals through Perfectmoney and Payeer the withdrawal amount is set very low at $0.25 while for cryptocurrencies, the minimum is higher at $3.50 to at least make each instant payments individually much more practical when it comes to consideration of the fees involved in completing such transfers.

Are withdrawals instantly processed?

Yes all withdrawals are instantly processed, however, there may be times when the withdrawal can get delayed because for security reasons, we try to maintain an average pre-calculated amount on the instant payout wallets that we use for automatic and instant payments. Rest assured that if ever this delay is experienced, that processing will take no longer than 12 hours. Period and promise.

How much is your referral commission?

Referral commission on our website depends on the amount your referrals deposit to the plans we offer. Mainly, the base commission for $8.00 up to $507.00 is 3.88%, and for $508.00 up to $2,507.00 deposits by your referrals, you will earn 5.88% and for $2,508.00 up to $88,888.00 deposit transactions made by your downlines or referrals, you will get 8.88% as the upline or referrer.

Is everyone qualified to earn commission?

Yes, everyone including non-active or those with no active deposits in our website can earn commissions. The commission is the same for both with and without active deposits.

Will deposits coming from account balance earn commission?

Yes of course.

Can I edit my account information?

You can only update your password, enable and disable security features on your account. Once your payment information for each accepted payment method has been entered, you cannot edit it again. You will need our help to edit those information for you. Your e-mail address will only be editable by us for you.

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